As a child, there was nothing I loved to do more than sit with a group of toys (stuffed animals were my favorite) and create my own little world. I would create dialogue, story, drama, you name it. Each character was elaborate in their own way, and their interactions with the other characters where unique and exciting. I realize now that this play was not just an insignificant coincidence, but I have been preparing to be a creator from childhood. Drawing became an important way for me to continue my visual stories, a way to create something, seemingly from nothing. I realized the imagination can be made real with a pencil, and I haven’t stopped yet.

               Now I continue my journey, currently a senior at University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, (DAAP) pursuing my bachelor’s in Fine Arts. There I have expanded my mediums, I now enjoy working digitally as well, for example 3d Modeling (Maya), Game art/ Development (Unity) and creating animations. I have also personally discovered new ways of working, for example I repurpose a method my Grandmother taught me as a young teen. She is a very spiritual person and often taught me psychic/spiritual practices. One in particular requires the interpreter to take a candle and a piece of paper, dragging it unconsciously on the flame until they feel it is ready, at which point they flip the paper revealing clear faces and images that can then be deciphered for meaning. I take this and further create a visual story, protecting and altering the burnt image to further visualize the images that lay beneath.  I continue to create my stories, no longer with toys, but with the tools I’ve gathered thus far.