Here I have visualized different outfits in which Tabby might bring with her (in her limited amount of storage) to the city. One of her favorite hobbies is recreating clothes by sewing other pieces together, since most of her clothes came from the thrift or donations, it gives her a sense of personality in her lack of choices. Unfortunately she can only bring one outfit that she created, and the other clothes she chooses to bring are strictly for utilitarian purposes.

I created this animated digital painting to represent how Tabitha would feel; like she is sitting still in a ever moving world. The city would be naturally jolting for her, she is more accustomed to birds and insects than the constant interactions of passerbys. It visualizes her emotions about the city around her. 

Here Tabby is pondering her new environment, perhaps realizing she has left one hell to enter another. Her duffel bag is tucked into the corner of abandoned rooftop, marking the spot, along with her own presence,  as her new home.  

This drawings show my process and the early stages in my creation of Tabby, my visual exploration of her character/ emotions, as well as objects that are important to her.

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