Artist Statement/ Contact

Artist Statement

I primarily work in 2D (drawing & painting) and digital media (3d modeling, game development software). Recently I have been taking my own abstract art or my photographs and looking for hidden images within them. I choose what visuals pull me in, then and I add my own marks to them, giving them detail and importance.

I see my work sort of as experiments, but not scientific ones. I don’t draw psychological reasons why I choose something or see one thing in abstraction, my work is more the anti-thesis of that. I think in human advancement, we’ve chosen to put a definition to everything, and believe we understand it. I feel ignorant to the world. My experiments are my attempts to see it again; I learn something new with each piece I make.

Another important aspect of my work is visual narration. I have been creating stories since I can remember, but now with a purpose of uncovering what I believe to be hidden.  In my paintings, I tend to make my work long and narrow in totality, so viewer’s eyes can move down the work as though it was a story unfolding in front of them. I take inspiration from Japanese Scrolls, I have sectioned exceptionally large piece into four separate pieces of paper, in order to invite separation or “chapters” of the story created. Some of my visual stories are grounded more in reality, typically ones created in digital media, but I don’t differentiate the two, even my more abstracted work represents something just as real.


Rachel Mills