In this piece I burnt the paper with a candle, used a pencil to trace some of the shapes which  I saw and added detail, and finished with watercolor. 

This is one of my first “smoke” paintings. This one has a lot going on, I see at as almost a compilation of figures from all different dimensions, yet able to be seen all at once. Death and life are suspended together.  Strange forces are shown in their entirety. Ancestral beings watch over their new generations, and many protectors are scattered about to retain the natural order of things. The mountainous landscape ground us to Earth and basic reason, yet it breaks to nothingness, and figures contrast it with their unordinary appearances.  They are the unseen forces which reside around us at all times; playing a great part in the world we live in, usually totally unbeknownst to us. Perhaps a better connection to it all can help us understand the strange world a bit more.

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