As a child, there was nothing I loved to do more than sit with a group of toys, (stuffed animals were my favorite) and create my own little world. I would create dialogue, story, drama, you name it. Each character was elaborate in their own way and their interactions with the other characters where unique and exciting. I realize now that this play was not just an insignificant coincidence but I have been preparing to be a creator from childhood. Drawing became an important way for me to continue my visual stories. This process a way for me to create something seemingly from nothing. I realized the imagination can be made real with a pencil, and I haven’t stopped yet.

               Now I continue my journey, currently a senior at University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP),  pursuing my bachelor’s in Fine Arts. There I have expanded my mediums; I now enjoy working digitally as well.  I continue to create my stories, no longer with toys, but with the tools I’ve gathered thus far.