Rachel Mills





I am a multi-media artist typically working in drawing or painting, and digital media such as animation and games. I enjoy inviting chance into my work. My recent art is inspired from a practice I learned from my grandmother as a young teen. My grandmother was a practicing psychic for a time and taught me some of the things she had learned from experience, including how to perform a candle reading, which requires an interpreter to light a candle and gently move a piece of paper over the flame until a final image is burnt into it. I take this practice into an artistic context and work on them both with my conscious mind and subconscious.

I see my work as experiments, but not scientific ones. I don’t draw psychological reasons why I choose something or see one thing in abstraction, my work is more the anti-thesis of that. I think in human advancement, we’ve chosen to put a definition to everything and believe we understand it. I feel ignorant to the world. My experiments are my attempts to reclaim the mystical experience, I learn something new with each piece I make.

Visual narration is very important to me. I have previously chosen to make my work long and narrow in totality, so the viewer’s eyes can move down the work as though it was a story unfolding in front of them, or mimic that process by panning an animation from the left to right of a landscape. I take inspiration from Japanese scrolls, ancient murals, and even cave paintings to further inform my visual stories. I currently am choosing to explore more ways (other than the cut of the paper or view of the camera) to express these themes, including adding optional texts that accompany them.


Victory Parkway Gallery (Feb 2020)

2220 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati OH, 45206

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