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Character Design

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World Buidling

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N1 Games Work

Here are a few examples of scenes I created in my most recent co-op with N1 Games. The screenshots are taken straight from the game (unity) and  3d models I created were made in Maya. They contains both custom-made and free textures found online. To learn more and see video of the game check out my N1 Games Blog tab. 

Yithicka’s Environment

This is my visualization of Yithicka’s Environment. She is a mysterious character who is able to rid others of bad dreams with her supernatural abilities. She is often secretive and easily overwelmed, so I worked to establish those characteristics in her world. 

Gristh’s Library

Gristh is the main character from their story, a king of the land, and seems to be concerned with books and knowledge to converse with his citizens and listen to their opinions to the problems they all face. This an image on the scene I created to represent his library. 


Jayda appears in the story as a conduit to help Gristh evolve into a better version of himself. She is the only (3d modeled) character in the game I have helped to create and appears in a scene which represents her role in the story.

Grevus’s Environment

Grevus is one of the smartest characters from the story, but also one of the most aggressive and unpredictable. I wanted to represent the hostility of the land, but also contains signs of learning and a pursuit of knowledge.

More in-game screenshots

Artist Apprentice work

During my artist apprenticeship with my game art/digital media Professor Ben Britton, I  helped him with his game “Delphi”. Below is some of the work I did in Unity. The landscape and trees were completely created by him, the work I have done includes creating a stream and necessary rock structures for it, place vegetation, and create an artistic recreation of the ancient Castilian Spring which sits between the two mountain peaks.